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Safety Issues for Solo Female Travelers

Solo female travelers are likely to be victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment than males. That’s why many people warn women against traveling alone. However, you can also travel solo safely. You just need to know the safety issues that you’re likely to face when traveling alone and how to avoid them. 

Cultural Issues 

In some places, cultural issues are very sensitive. For instance, there is a way a woman is culturally not allowed to dress in some places. Inviting a man to your hotel room can also be misinterpreted as asking him for sex in some places. Therefore, research the culture of your travel destination to understand sensitive issues and how to avoid them. 

Sexual Stereotypes 

Baywatch is among the most-watched TV shows in history. The audiences see American and European porn flicks across the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some people in some countries think that women from Western countries are loose. Unfortunately, this assumption can lead to misunderstanding and harassment. An attempt to fight this harassment means you could be fighting imagery that Hollywood movies have created and perpetuated for years. 


Illness is another safety issue that solo female travelers can face abroad. For instance, using ice or drinking unbolted water can lead to sickness. Local microbes in Western Europe and other places can shock your body system. Therefore, get all the necessary prescriptions and shots before you travel. And if you get ill when traveling, visit a doctor that is recommended by your embassy. 

Common Crime 

Women can also be victims of common crime when traveling abroad. For instance, your gold chain can be ripped from a female’s neck in a public place. Therefore, be careful when traveling, especially in places that don’t feel safe. For instance, avoid traveling with valuable items. If you must carry luxurious items, don’t flash them out. 

Other safety issues for solo female travelers include accidents, as well as, potential terrorism and violence. Be keen on these issues to ensure a safe and enjoyable solo trip.

How to Visit Dubai on a Budget

How to Visit Dubai on a Budget

Due to its reputation for luxury hotels, posh restaurants, and high-end shopping malls, most people consider Dubai to be an expensive tourist destination. However, you can still experience the best of this progressive Middle Eastern city on a budget. The following are useful ideas for visiting Dubai on a budget. 

Use Public Transport

Dubai has a well-developed public transport network, which you can use to cheaply traverse most parts of the city. Apart from having the cheapest metro tickets in the world, Dubai also has trams, buses, and water taxis. Public transport is usually more efficient and cheaper than taxis, especially if you are planning long journeys around Dubai. 

Ditch the Popular Tourist Attractions 

Dubai is home to some of the most iconic landmarks and natural attractions that keep millions of visitors flowing in throughout the year. As such, you can expect huge traffic and higher rates for accessing popular attractions. But, there are still lots of budget-friendly attractions in Dubai such as beaches, beautiful landscapes, and museums. 

Besides, the destination also hosts periodic cultural and arts events that you can visit for free entertainment and learn more about the region. With a little more research, you can also easily find alternative accommodations in Dubai for budget travelers. 

Eat Locally 

Dubai is undoubtedly a great destination for food lovers with endless options for gourmet international cuisines. However, you do not have to eat from high-end restaurants to experience the food culture. There are several budget-friendly food outlets and restaurants serving a wide variety of finger-licking Middle Eastern, American, Asian, and English cuisines. Some of the local restaurants might look simple but, the food is great and quite cheap. On the other hand, visiting the local food joints will also give you a better perspective of the culture. 

Whether you are planning a trip for a few days, weeks, or longer, Dubai boasts something for every traveler. The above tips can help you to get the most of Dubai without breaking the bank.

Must-See Desert Landscapes for Modern Travelers

Must See Desert Landscapes for Modern Travelers

Some of the best views for modern travelers are those of deserts. Arturo T, a Roofer/blogger for a San Antonio Roofing Company out in Texas once posted some tips and advice that if you have not had a chance to explore desert landscapes, here are some of the best places where you can have amazing desert landscape views, see below for the details.

Namib Desert

This desert is a stretch of up to 81,000 square kilometers. It’s believed to be among the oldest deserts in the world dating back to about 55 to 80 million years. It is located on the Atlantic coast and it’s decorated with amazing orange sand dunes and little vegetation. It also has great Dead Vlei among other decorations. Red dunes provide home to different wildlife species that include Lions, Oryxes, Beetle, reptiles and desert elephants.

Sahara Desert

This is a famous desert landscape across the globe. Sahara desert is the hottest on the globe. It is very large covering 9 million square kilometers. Its low latitude area has large sand dunes, palm trees, rocks and oasis. The diversity and beauty of the Sahara desert is impossible to describe with simple phrases. With its extreme climate and weather conditions, this desert provides majestic views that are worth witnessing.

Valle De La Luna

Valle De La Luna is found in Atacama Desert. This Chile desert landscape is simply breathtaking. It depicts the effects of centuries of floods and winds on stones and sands in the region. The amazing views of this desert landscape feature amazing stone formations that mimic the moon surface thereby giving this region its name. It also has giant sand dunes that give this landscape an awesome view. The landscape has unique colors due to salt formations that reflect sunlight. Valle De La Luna is the most beautiful desert landscape due to its changing, beautiful spectrum of green, blue, red and yellow colors.

Generally, some interesting landscapes are the most desolate. They are situated in the dry regions in the world. As an avid traveler, make sure that you visit any of these must see desert landscapes.