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Safety Issues for Solo Female Travelers

Solo female travelers are likely to be victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment than males. That’s why many people warn women against traveling alone. However, you can also travel solo safely. You just need to know the safety issues that you’re likely to face when traveling alone and how to avoid them. 

Cultural Issues 

In some places, cultural issues are very sensitive. For instance, there is a way a woman is culturally not allowed to dress in some places. Inviting a man to your hotel room can also be misinterpreted as asking him for sex in some places. Therefore, research the culture of your travel destination to understand sensitive issues and how to avoid them. 

Sexual Stereotypes 

Baywatch is among the most-watched TV shows in history. The audiences see American and European porn flicks across the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some people in some countries think that women from Western countries are loose. Unfortunately, this assumption can lead to misunderstanding and harassment. An attempt to fight this harassment means you could be fighting imagery that Hollywood movies have created and perpetuated for years. 


Illness is another safety issue that solo female travelers can face abroad. For instance, using ice or drinking unbolted water can lead to sickness. Local microbes in Western Europe and other places can shock your body system. Therefore, get all the necessary prescriptions and shots before you travel. And if you get ill when traveling, visit a doctor that is recommended by your embassy. 

Common Crime 

Women can also be victims of common crime when traveling abroad. For instance, your gold chain can be ripped from a female’s neck in a public place. Therefore, be careful when traveling, especially in places that don’t feel safe. For instance, avoid traveling with valuable items. If you must carry luxurious items, don’t flash them out. 

Other safety issues for solo female travelers include accidents, as well as, potential terrorism and violence. Be keen on these issues to ensure a safe and enjoyable solo trip.

How to Ensure Your Safety during International Trips

How to Ensure Your Safety during International Trips

Traveling internationally is among the most exciting things for most people. When you travel abroad, you experience the beautiful cultures of other people. But, some people are wary of traveling internationally. They fear that traveling abroad is dangerous. However, traveling internationally is generally safe. Nevertheless, every international traveler should employ safety precautions during international trips to ensure their safety. Here are safety tips for international travelers.

Get Appropriate Vaccines and Checkup

Undergo a medical checkup to confirm that you are healthy before you travel. If there are health concerns in your destination country, understand them when planning the trip. When traveling to some destinations, you need vaccinations. Therefore, get all necessary immunizations before you travel.

Make Copies of Your Travel Documents

When traveling internationally, you will carry some documents. Make electronic copies of those documents including your medical insurance card, immunization record, passport, travel insurance, visas, and plane tickets. Also email yourself the copies to access them directly from your inbox in the event that you damage or lose your paperwork.

Avoid Carrying Everything Together

You may be tempted to keep your credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks, and identification in the same wallet. However, avoid keeping everything together. Keep your credit cards, money, IDs, and checks locked in the safe of your hotel room if you don’t intend to use them. Separate identifying and monetary items you intend to carry in different places. This will ensure that you won’t lose everything in case your wallet is stolen.

Avoid Carrying Things in the Back Pocket

Pickpocketing happens in specific places. It’s known that pickpockets target tourists. Avoid keeping valuables like keys to your hotel room, a small purse, and wallet in the back pocket. That’s because doing so will open you up as an easy target for pickpockets with swift hands.

In addition to these tips, buy international insurance before you travel. This will ensure that you get the assistance you might need in the event that something unexpected happens while abroad.

Is It Possible to Travel the World During Your Lifetime

Is It Possible to Travel the World During Your Lifetime

If you ask a person that is enthusiastic about traveling where they would like to go and things they would like to see, they will name place after place. You will realize that the person would like to go everywhere. This will trigger the question of whether it is possible to travel the world in a single lifetime. Or, is it possible to see the whole world during your lifetime?

What does Travel the World Means?

To answer this question, you need to take an unscientific approach in defining the world. When traveling the world, you most likely want to visit cities that have a population amounting to 500,000 and above. That means you want to visit about 1,000 cities. Add a quarter of this for the smaller cities. You may also want to visit about 250 places that are not cities. By taking such an approach, you will have about 1,500 places that you would like to travel to.

How long will You Stay in Every Travel Destination?

People have always debated on the duration that you should stay at a travel destination. But, a week is generally the average time to see a travel destination. It’s enough time to familiarize with an entire city and even go on excursions away from the city center. However, you can add a day of traveling between cities. That means you will spend 8 days to travel to every destination that you visit in the world.

So, to see all 1,500 places staying at each destination for a week, you will take 12,000 days. That’s equivalent to 1,714 weeks or simply 32.9 years. If you start your traveling lifetime at the age of 20 then go to 80, you can travel the world but have a few spare years. Include all towns in the world that have a population of 100,000 people to have more than 3,200 destinations. Calculating with the same criteria, it means you will need 3,657.14 weeks to travel the world. That’s equivalent to 70.3 years.

Final Thought

This is a theoretical approach that assumes that you won’t have health and budget issues. It also assumes that you will travel non-stop in your lifetime. The reality is that this approach is very optimistic. It can only work if your goal is to break a record. However, the best idea is to travel to as many places as possible and enjoy the experience to the fullest.