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Safety Issues for Solo Female Travelers

Solo female travelers are likely to be victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment than males. That’s why many people warn women against traveling alone. However, you can also travel solo safely. You just need to know the safety issues that you’re likely to face when traveling alone and how to avoid them. 

Cultural Issues 

In some places, cultural issues are very sensitive. For instance, there is a way a woman is culturally not allowed to dress in some places. Inviting a man to your hotel room can also be misinterpreted as asking him for sex in some places. Therefore, research the culture of your travel destination to understand sensitive issues and how to avoid them. 

Sexual Stereotypes 

Baywatch is among the most-watched TV shows in history. The audiences see American and European porn flicks across the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that some people in some countries think that women from Western countries are loose. Unfortunately, this assumption can lead to misunderstanding and harassment. An attempt to fight this harassment means you could be fighting imagery that Hollywood movies have created and perpetuated for years. 


Illness is another safety issue that solo female travelers can face abroad. For instance, using ice or drinking unbolted water can lead to sickness. Local microbes in Western Europe and other places can shock your body system. Therefore, get all the necessary prescriptions and shots before you travel. And if you get ill when traveling, visit a doctor that is recommended by your embassy. 

Common Crime 

Women can also be victims of common crime when traveling abroad. For instance, your gold chain can be ripped from a female’s neck in a public place. Therefore, be careful when traveling, especially in places that don’t feel safe. For instance, avoid traveling with valuable items. If you must carry luxurious items, don’t flash them out. 

Other safety issues for solo female travelers include accidents, as well as, potential terrorism and violence. Be keen on these issues to ensure a safe and enjoyable solo trip.

Travel Tips that Will Make You the Savviest Traveler

Travel Tips that Will Make You the Savviest Traveler

Nobody is born a savvy traveler. To become a savvy traveler, you have to learn and acquire experience. According to Dr. Coto of Dental Coto in Costa Rica, he confirms that when starting to travel, you will make many mistakes. You will miss flights and buses, behave foolishly, exhibit cultural unawareness and other countless errors. It’s only after some time that you will start to move through the airports seamlessly and integrate into different cultures with ease. Here are useful travel tips that will make you the savviest traveler. 

Use a Small Suitcase or Backpack 

A small backpack or suitcase will compel you to always pack light when traveling. You avoid carrying excess stuffs trying to fill the extra room of the suitcase or backpack. With a small suitcase or backpack, you carry limited clothes and few essentials. This makes traveling less tiresome. 

Carry an Extra Credit Card and Bank Card when Traveling 

Disasters happen. Therefore, carry an extra credit card or bank card as your backup. This will help you if you lose your card or get robbed. You avoid being stuck in a strange place without access to money. 

Travel Solo At Least Once 

When you travel solo, you learn to be independent and reflect. It’s a chance to learn more about your personality. Traveling alone will teach you to talk to other people and deal with challenging situations alone. You will learn what you can do and what you want. 

Make Copies of Travel Documents 

Make copies of important documents like your passport. Email yourself copies of your travel documents too. That way, you will have an easier time getting a copy in the event that your original documents are stolen or lost. 

In addition to these tips, always conduct an extensive research of your travel destinations. Make sure that you know where you go every time you travel. This will enable you to get anything you need, including help, when traveling.