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Types of Travel Agents

Types of Travel Agents

A travel agent mainly operates as a middleman between travelers and travel service providers. According to Chris Cooker who owns a glass company in San Antonio Texas, he shares with us that working on behalf of travelers or travel companies, travel agents often sell tickets and travel products, make reservations for accommodations. Contrary to what some people usually think, travel agents make their money through commissions deducted from the overall sales that they make to the service providers. Nevertheless, the following are the main types of travel agents that you should know. 

General Sales Agents 

These travel agents work like tourism ambassadors, promoting the services of foreign travel companies. Such travel agents are scattered across various destinations in the world but, they only promote travels to or within a particular destination that also serves as the headquarters for their organizations. Their only duty is to help travelers to get better deals for visiting that particular destination. Hence, they are not indebted to any airline or resort. 

Business/ Leisure Travel Agents 

Many travel organizations today have a designated/ leisure business travel department. These agents are specifically focussed on finding better deals for those who travel for business reasons and leisure. That kind of specialization enables them to source travel deals based on the specific needs of travelers, which is more convenient. 

Online Travel Agents 

The internet has played a major role in shaping up key procedures in the travel industry. Online travel agents enable travelers to get amazing deals by comparing various flights and hotel options. The agents have websites with information about the airfares and accommodation rates by different airlines and hotels. Putting all that information on a single platform gives travelers an easier time to find the best travel deals at their convenience. 

Multi-Destination Travel Agents 

As the name suggests, these travel agents have a wider reach and can help you find better deals for visiting any part of the world. 

Whether you are planning to travel locally or internationally, it is always advisable to seek the help of a professional travel agent. However, you should first find out the particular travel services that the agent offers to determine the right entity to work with. 

How to Ensure Your Safety during International Trips

How to Ensure Your Safety during International Trips

Traveling internationally is among the most exciting things for most people. When you travel abroad, you experience the beautiful cultures of other people. But, some people are wary of traveling internationally. They fear that traveling abroad is dangerous. However, traveling internationally is generally safe. Nevertheless, every international traveler should employ safety precautions during international trips to ensure their safety. Here are safety tips for international travelers.

Get Appropriate Vaccines and Checkup

Undergo a medical checkup to confirm that you are healthy before you travel. If there are health concerns in your destination country, understand them when planning the trip. When traveling to some destinations, you need vaccinations. Therefore, get all necessary immunizations before you travel.

Make Copies of Your Travel Documents

When traveling internationally, you will carry some documents. Make electronic copies of those documents including your medical insurance card, immunization record, passport, travel insurance, visas, and plane tickets. Also email yourself the copies to access them directly from your inbox in the event that you damage or lose your paperwork.

Avoid Carrying Everything Together

You may be tempted to keep your credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks, and identification in the same wallet. However, avoid keeping everything together. Keep your credit cards, money, IDs, and checks locked in the safe of your hotel room if you don’t intend to use them. Separate identifying and monetary items you intend to carry in different places. This will ensure that you won’t lose everything in case your wallet is stolen.

Avoid Carrying Things in the Back Pocket

Pickpocketing happens in specific places. It’s known that pickpockets target tourists. Avoid keeping valuables like keys to your hotel room, a small purse, and wallet in the back pocket. That’s because doing so will open you up as an easy target for pickpockets with swift hands.

In addition to these tips, buy international insurance before you travel. This will ensure that you get the assistance you might need in the event that something unexpected happens while abroad.

Plan your Caribbean Vacation with these Three Travel Tips

As you think of how exciting and relaxing your Caribbean Vacation will be, understand that making a trip to the Caribbean isn’t just about getting a passport, packing one of your favorite book, and bringing a string bikini. Of course, you’re looking forward to warm sun, crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, perfect cuisine, friendly people, and the tropical relaxation that can only be found here. Every traveler wants to plan their trip so they can enjoy their getaway and make the most of their vacation. Whether you’re a seasoned visitor to the Caribbean or you’re planning to travel to the tropical escape for the first time, here’s what you need to know.

Choose where to Travel First

The Caribbean is an archipelago of over five thousand islands with each destination offering unique experiences. Before you even think of what to bring on your vacation, take your time to choose the perfect island for your trip depending on the kind of vacation you want. You’ll find that some Caribbean islands are perfect for party lovers while others offer the best experience for family trips. The island to travel to might also depend on your budget.

Understand that not all the islands are the same. Try matching the personality of each island to your own. Decide which events, activities, and experience you want to have on your Caribbean vacation. With that in mind, do your research and find the different islands that best suit and match your preferred vacation style.

Decide the Perfect time to Travel

Perhaps you’re already aware of the fact that it’s never roasting and cold in the Caribbean. In fact, the Caribbean islands have the most desirable climate on earth. Planning your trip won’t stop at choosing an island: you must figure out the best time to take your vacation. Every month of the year tends to come with its own unique activities, events, and festivals. Some of the factors that will determine when you can travel to the Caribbean include, you budget, interests, weather, as well as the island you’re visiting.

Tourists flock the Caribbean between December and April as they escape the northern winter. Expect to find the islands slightly cooler, drier, and less humid during these months. Hotel rates and flights are likely to be on the higher side and the islands are full of vacationers, however. If you want to encounter fewer crowds and cheaper rates at airports and hotels, plan to travel from May to June and late November to mid-December. The weather is generally good and pleasant at this time of the year. Avoid travelling to the Caribbean during the hurricane season (June to early November). However, if you choose to come during these months, be sure to invest in travel insurance.

Choose your Accommodation Based on your Travel Style

First, make sure you’re up-to-date with the entry and exit requirements of the destination you’re traveling to in the Caribbean. Having said that, the next thing to keep in mind is that accommodation in this part of the planet are not just a place to stay. Ask yourself, “What’s my travel style?” Are you the budget conscious traveler? Are you coming for a family vacation? Are you traveling to the Caribbean for honeymoon? These are the things that should determine whether to go for an all-inclusive resorts, villas, or independent hotels. If you want to experience the local culture, enjoy the local food, interact with the locals, you don’t want to choose an all-inclusive resort. An independent hotel is what you need.