Is It Possible to Travel the World During Your Lifetime

Is It Possible to Travel the World During Your Lifetime

If you ask a person that is enthusiastic about traveling where they would like to go and things they would like to see, they will name place after place. You will realize that the person would like to go everywhere. This will trigger the question of whether it is possible to travel the world in a single lifetime. Or, is it possible to see the whole world during your lifetime?

What does Travel the World Means?

To answer this question, you need to take an unscientific approach in defining the world. When traveling the world, you most likely want to visit cities that have a population amounting to 500,000 and above. That means you want to visit about 1,000 cities. Add a quarter of this for the smaller cities. You may also want to visit about 250 places that are not cities. By taking such an approach, you will have about 1,500 places that you would like to travel to.

How long will You Stay in Every Travel Destination?

People have always debated on the duration that you should stay at a travel destination. But, a week is generally the average time to see a travel destination. It’s enough time to familiarize with an entire city and even go on excursions away from the city center. However, you can add a day of traveling between cities. That means you will spend 8 days to travel to every destination that you visit in the world.

So, to see all 1,500 places staying at each destination for a week, you will take 12,000 days. That’s equivalent to 1,714 weeks or simply 32.9 years. If you start your traveling lifetime at the age of 20 then go to 80, you can travel the world but have a few spare years. Include all towns in the world that have a population of 100,000 people to have more than 3,200 destinations. Calculating with the same criteria, it means you will need 3,657.14 weeks to travel the world. That’s equivalent to 70.3 years.

Final Thought

This is a theoretical approach that assumes that you won’t have health and budget issues. It also assumes that you will travel non-stop in your lifetime. The reality is that this approach is very optimistic. It can only work if your goal is to break a record. However, the best idea is to travel to as many places as possible and enjoy the experience to the fullest.