Is It Possible to Travel the World During Your Lifetime

Is It Possible to Travel the World During Your Lifetime

If you ask a person that is enthusiastic about traveling where they would like to go and things they would like to see, they will name place after place. You will realize that the person would like to go everywhere. This will trigger the question of whether it is possible to travel the world in a single lifetime. Or, is it possible to see the whole world during your lifetime?

What does Travel the World Means?

To answer this question, you need to take an unscientific approach in defining the world. When traveling the world, you most likely want to visit cities that have a population amounting to 500,000 and above. That means you want to visit about 1,000 cities. Add a quarter of this for the smaller cities. You may also want to visit about 250 places that are not cities. By taking such an approach, you will have about 1,500 places that you would like to travel to.

How long will You Stay in Every Travel Destination?

People have always debated on the duration that you should stay at a travel destination. But, a week is generally the average time to see a travel destination. It’s enough time to familiarize with an entire city and even go on excursions away from the city center. However, you can add a day of traveling between cities. That means you will spend 8 days to travel to every destination that you visit in the world.

So, to see all 1,500 places staying at each destination for a week, you will take 12,000 days. That’s equivalent to 1,714 weeks or simply 32.9 years. If you start your traveling lifetime at the age of 20 then go to 80, you can travel the world but have a few spare years. Include all towns in the world that have a population of 100,000 people to have more than 3,200 destinations. Calculating with the same criteria, it means you will need 3,657.14 weeks to travel the world. That’s equivalent to 70.3 years.

Final Thought

This is a theoretical approach that assumes that you won’t have health and budget issues. It also assumes that you will travel non-stop in your lifetime. The reality is that this approach is very optimistic. It can only work if your goal is to break a record. However, the best idea is to travel to as many places as possible and enjoy the experience to the fullest.


Must-See Desert Landscapes for Modern Travelers

Must See Desert Landscapes for Modern Travelers

Some of the best views for modern travelers are those of deserts. Arturo T, a Roofer/blogger for a San Antonio Roofing Company out in Texas once posted some tips and advice that if you have not had a chance to explore desert landscapes, here are some of the best places where you can have amazing desert landscape views, see below for the details.

Namib Desert

This desert is a stretch of up to 81,000 square kilometers. It’s believed to be among the oldest deserts in the world dating back to about 55 to 80 million years. It is located on the Atlantic coast and it’s decorated with amazing orange sand dunes and little vegetation. It also has great Dead Vlei among other decorations. Red dunes provide home to different wildlife species that include Lions, Oryxes, Beetle, reptiles and desert elephants.

Sahara Desert

This is a famous desert landscape across the globe. Sahara desert is the hottest on the globe. It is very large covering 9 million square kilometers. Its low latitude area has large sand dunes, palm trees, rocks and oasis. The diversity and beauty of the Sahara desert is impossible to describe with simple phrases. With its extreme climate and weather conditions, this desert provides majestic views that are worth witnessing.

Valle De La Luna

Valle De La Luna is found in Atacama Desert. This Chile desert landscape is simply breathtaking. It depicts the effects of centuries of floods and winds on stones and sands in the region. The amazing views of this desert landscape feature amazing stone formations that mimic the moon surface thereby giving this region its name. It also has giant sand dunes that give this landscape an awesome view. The landscape has unique colors due to salt formations that reflect sunlight. Valle De La Luna is the most beautiful desert landscape due to its changing, beautiful spectrum of green, blue, red and yellow colors.

Generally, some interesting landscapes are the most desolate. They are situated in the dry regions in the world. As an avid traveler, make sure that you visit any of these must see desert landscapes.

Overcoming Travel Fears

Overcoming Travel Fears

Many people do not travel due to fears of the unknown. However, you can overcome these fears and focus on traveling the world. Avoid things that prevent you traveling to enjoy the experience to the fullest.


Many people spend years crippling with anxiety. They want to travel but anxiety prevents them. When you think about traveling and engaging in outdoor activities, you might fear injuries and illnesses that may ruin your travel experience. Such anxieties can hinder you from exploring the world even if you have money. However, the moment you work towards overcoming this fear, you will regret having wasted your time worrying about nothing.

Bad Luck

What if something bad happens to you when traveling outside the country? What if a disaster strikes at an exotic location where getting assistance is a challenge? These are some of the questions that may hinder you from traveling. Generally, bad luck can find you anywhere including inside your home. Therefore, don’t fear about disasters or bad luck when it comes to traveling. Simply save money and prepare for a trip to your preferred destination. Work with a reputable travel agency to make sure that everything is taken care of. Additionally, get a comprehensive travel insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for illnesses, injures, and losses that may occur when you travel.

The Bottom Line

Travel fears should not prevent you from exploring the world. Other people have been traveling for years. Risks that are associated with traveling do not bar such people from traveling. You too can travel the world and enjoy the thrilling experience that comes with it. If fear of the unknown has hindered you from traveling over the years, this is the time to break the chains and move on. Sooner, you will become a seasoned traveler and regret the years that you wasted fearing the unknown. Feel free to check out one of my favorite travel sites by clicking here.

Plan your Caribbean Vacation with these Three Travel Tips

As you think of how exciting and relaxing your Caribbean Vacation will be, understand that making a trip to the Caribbean isn’t just about getting a passport, packing one of your favorite book, and bringing a string bikini. Of course, you’re looking forward to warm sun, crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, perfect cuisine, friendly people, and the tropical relaxation that can only be found here. Every traveler wants to plan their trip so they can enjoy their getaway and make the most of their vacation. Whether you’re a seasoned visitor to the Caribbean or you’re planning to travel to the tropical escape for the first time, here’s what you need to know.

Choose where to Travel First

The Caribbean is an archipelago of over five thousand islands with each destination offering unique experiences. Before you even think of what to bring on your vacation, take your time to choose the perfect island for your trip depending on the kind of vacation you want. You’ll find that some Caribbean islands are perfect for party lovers while others offer the best experience for family trips. The island to travel to might also depend on your budget.

Understand that not all the islands are the same. Try matching the personality of each island to your own. Decide which events, activities, and experience you want to have on your Caribbean vacation. With that in mind, do your research and find the different islands that best suit and match your preferred vacation style.

Decide the Perfect time to Travel

Perhaps you’re already aware of the fact that it’s never roasting and cold in the Caribbean. In fact, the Caribbean islands have the most desirable climate on earth. Planning your trip won’t stop at choosing an island: you must figure out the best time to take your vacation. Every month of the year tends to come with its own unique activities, events, and festivals. Some of the factors that will determine when you can travel to the Caribbean include, you budget, interests, weather, as well as the island you’re visiting.

Tourists flock the Caribbean between December and April as they escape the northern winter. Expect to find the islands slightly cooler, drier, and less humid during these months. Hotel rates and flights are likely to be on the higher side and the islands are full of vacationers, however. If you want to encounter fewer crowds and cheaper rates at airports and hotels, plan to travel from May to June and late November to mid-December. The weather is generally good and pleasant at this time of the year. Avoid travelling to the Caribbean during the hurricane season (June to early November). However, if you choose to come during these months, be sure to invest in travel insurance.

Choose your Accommodation Based on your Travel Style

First, make sure you’re up-to-date with the entry and exit requirements of the destination you’re traveling to in the Caribbean. Having said that, the next thing to keep in mind is that accommodation in this part of the planet are not just a place to stay. Ask yourself, “What’s my travel style?” Are you the budget conscious traveler? Are you coming for a family vacation? Are you traveling to the Caribbean for honeymoon? These are the things that should determine whether to go for an all-inclusive resorts, villas, or independent hotels. If you want to experience the local culture, enjoy the local food, interact with the locals, you don’t want to choose an all-inclusive resort. An independent hotel is what you need.

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